Zakieya, your approach is amazing. Our child looks forward to every session and you manage to keep him engaged for the duration of the session. Your ability to pick up on areas he finds challenging is encouraging and we thank you for your kind, patient and committed approach to helping our child.

Maria Erasmus

Reading coaching in randburg


Education beyond the classroom

Phonographix is here  to help young children learn to read. It supports children that are struggling within their current academic settings, or for a child who wants to improve their reading skills and understanding.

I teach Phongraphix for individual skill development and to help children reach their full potential. I teach Grade 0 to Grade 5 , which is the critical years and the foundation for future learning.

The Phonographix programme that I use was developed by Carmen and Geoffrey Mcguiness over 20 years ago. It is a teaching programme with proven teaching methods with emphasis on letters as pictures of sound.

Phonographix brings a child back to basics and is a more natural way a reader needs to learn to read. It acts as an intervention to readers who need to accelerate to reach the level of their peers.

I am committed to the ideal that our children will find success and joy in learning to read, given the right skills.